Sedro Woolley Real Estate

Sedro Woolley is locally known as the "Gateway to the North Cascades" because of it's location west of the rugged Cascade Mountains in northwestern Washington State. It is also north of Seattle, Washington and south of Vancouver, B.C. along Highway 20, near the banks of the Skagit River.

Visiting Sedro Woolley’s historic downtown is like a trip back in time. The brick buildings, and comfortable wooden benches with its surrounding old-fashioned light poles provide the backdrop for the various chainsaw carvings and murals telling the story of a colorful past as a former logging town. Strolling the downtown district for clothes, furnishings, hardware, fishing gear, health products, video rentals and a host of other services and goods is less hectic when compared to the bustle of the nearby Cascade Mall.

Annually held the Week of July 4th ever year Sedro Woolley's Loggerodeo is Washington States oldest 4th of July celebration. It features logging contests, parades, carnival attractions, a fun run, and a real live rodeo.

If you are looking to be closer to the I-5 corridor while needing a quiet location for your family, Sedro Woolley will deliver. The real estate market is on the uprising with plenty of deals in Homes, Waterfront Property, Condominiums and Land to build a custom home of your dreams.